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Ra-class Defense Tower AAA turret sketch by Leonitus Ra-class Defense Tower AAA turret sketch :iconleonitus:Leonitus 0 0 Ra-class Defense Tower AAA bay design sketch by Leonitus Ra-class Defense Tower AAA bay design sketch :iconleonitus:Leonitus 0 0 Ra-class Defense Tower AAA design sketch by Leonitus Ra-class Defense Tower AAA design sketch :iconleonitus:Leonitus 0 0 Ra-class Defense Towers 'Bee-Hive' by Leonitus Ra-class Defense Towers 'Bee-Hive' :iconleonitus:Leonitus 0 0 Ra-class SuperCarrier (2nd Half) by Leonitus Ra-class SuperCarrier (2nd Half) :iconleonitus:Leonitus 0 0 Ra-class SuperCarrier (1st half) by Leonitus Ra-class SuperCarrier (1st half) :iconleonitus:Leonitus 0 0 Tsviets - Type-22 Fighter by Leonitus Tsviets - Type-22 Fighter :iconleonitus:Leonitus 2 0 'Marmota' Terrestrial Dreadnought (incomplete) by Leonitus 'Marmota' Terrestrial Dreadnought (incomplete) :iconleonitus:Leonitus 32 12


Ra-class Defense Tower AAA turret sketch
Better sketch of a Anti-Ship turret, one of three within a single turret bay. This turret is scaled to size if you'd notice the six foot tall stickman standing on it. These turrets are big enough to carry bigger guns, but the designer went with still fairly large guns but much more protection. Each turret is built tonka tough and can take lots of punishment before being put offline less one gets a fairly lucky hit.
Fire rate: 3 shells in ten seconds with a thirty second reload.
Firepower: 800mm cannon with various ammunition choices from regular AP and HE shells to miniature nukes.
Ra-class Defense Tower AAA bay design sketch
A sketch of a single AAA turret bay where the outlines for three anti-ship turrets are. There are 14 bays on each of the top seven rows of each AAA tower.
Ra-class Defense Tower AAA design sketch
The AAA towers, one of four, of the Bee-Hive Defense Tower concept. The top seven rows have 14 bays each where there are three massive anti-aircraft/anti-ship turrets in every bay. These guns will have their own sketch. 
The bottom two rows have 14 bays each, each bay containing a staggered tower platform lined with 19 Anti-Ship/Anti-Missile/Anti-Aircraft AAA Phalanx gatling cannons. 

Each tower is a little over 1,000 ft tall and several hundred wide.

Haven't gotten to 'ic' yet.
Ra-class Defense Towers 'Bee-Hive'
The Bee-Hive is a collection of five towers, four at each point of a square shaped platform with the fifth, tallest being in the center. The four shorter ones serve as towers containing hundreds of Anti-Ship and Anti-Aircraft Point Defense batteries while the center tower serves to house hundreds of Anti-Ship and Anti-Aircraft SASM (Ship-to-Aircraft & Ship Missile) emplacements, capable of throwing out a multitude of different missiles to provide for an impressive and thick AA screen.

The platform these towers are set upon are thick and sturdy and are actually massive elevator lifts, carrying the towers to the outside before a battle and back down within the ship during or after a battle as needed such as in the case of suffering extensive damages. Only the Ra-class Battleships and SuperCarriers are large enough to be outfitted with these.
Ra-class SuperCarrier (2nd Half)
The second half that couldn't fit on my notebook paper. This is essentially the main cannon(s) of the Ra-class SuperCarrier. You can't really see it well, but the frame of the ship here itself is shaped like an elongated '+'. In each 'square of that + is one of the Charged Particle Cannons. You can see two of them in the pic. They go from where you see the base of the cannon arm to the third blue line from the end. They fit into the frame like batteries for those who have trouble imagining it or if my descriptions just suck that much ass.

Lining the arm frame and even the cannons themselves are AA and AAA emplacements. The rectangles you see there are actually large energy cannons that are normally used on orbital satellite weapon platforms. Imagine the SOLG from Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, make its munitions energy based, and take away the rotating arms, and add them on a swivel mount. Each of those rectangles with the single vertical line and the horizontal line on the left side on this pic and SuperCarrier (1st Half) represent three of these cannons in a triangular three-pronged formation.


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Not gonna give anything too personal, just I come from humble, rough beginnings, but now I'm trying to become an art major. lol, that is NOT easy. Plus, I don't have access to some kind of scanner so I can't put art on here. :'(


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