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Tsvìets' Rise from Ash (Ch.2)

The sudden breakthrough in technological knowledge and development was not easy for the Tsvìet swarm to comprehend for numerous weeks. It was staggering for many that so much existed even while they were already trying to get use to learning so much on their own. However, with SING's leadership and charisma, the rest of the population was quick to fall in line.

All of the BOolrk bodies in the ship were consumed and work began on repairing the facilities within the colony flagship. Much machinery was damaged in the crash and getting started was a daunting task but help came in a surprising way. To supplement their numbers in the case of overwhelming odds, the BOolrk were fond of creating drones in their image that would tirelessly march forth onto battlefields or become a precision-based labor force, meaning they all were as smart as you made them and had hands as steady as a surgeon's and tough as a miner's. SING made use of them quickly, bringing online hundreds within hours and her people watched and learned how the distasteful machines (after one curious Tsvìet tried eating one) operated the bigger machines.

Much to SING's approval, the factory could create drones as well so she began redesigning an army for her people with the help of the onboard computer 'spirits' while repairs began in earnest. Raw materials were needed and the mineral conversion plants were never starved as the substitutes found on the planet were more than plentiful and of much higher quality then the BOolrk are use to.

It would be twelve years with the help of tens of thousands of the levitating drones working around the clock that the former flagship of the destroyed colony fleet would finally be rebuilt. It wasn't easy though. Once much of the sides and top portion of the crashed ship were repaired, they had to build a great hole underneath the ship, mining out the valley underneath the wreckage while building support structures to hold the ship up so repairs could be made on the bottom. 

Changes were made to it on SING's orders, emphasizing toughness and battle continuation. The ship originally looked like a dish plate with a bowl in the middle of it and a large tower sticking up on one point of the side. The tower was fortified and many large cannons were lined along the bottom and tops while support arms jutted from the thin sides, top and bottom in their thousands, working together to carry a massive armored shell welded together piece by piece and rigged with explosives enough to scrap it if necessary. Even then, along the area of this armored shell, more cannons were built and manned with the drones.

It was an uglier ship than before but the Tsvìets cared only about function and with food running dangerously short, SING initiated the final phase of her preparations. She'd need a much more massive war party that would do what she said yet be able to act on its own in regards to whatever the situation needed.

Knowing this and having worked with the computer spirits for years to develop, they had engineered a cranium device for SING and the first completed Tsvìet drone made in their likeness. Upon activation, SING was able to turn an android that required command inputs into an artificial intelligence by sharing her mind and dreams with it. What would normally take a machine like this more advanced software and comprehension capabilities was jump-started like a formerly dead body.

SING shared everything with it and it became a mechanical extension of her Will.

When the two awoke from the procedure, the new being, designated HUKE, was quick to infiltrate and take over the systems of the ship, performing a virtual Blading on the existing BOolrk computer spirits. Having been born inside their systems already, they were devoured from the inside-out, powerless to stop HUKE's hostile takeover. 

Once the whole ship was now truly under SING and HUKE's joint authority, they began cranking out an army of drones, scuttling much of the insides of the ship's structure such as barracks, hangars, weapons, power suits, and surplus repair materials, as well as mining more of the rich resources within the volcanic pits that dotted the world.

A thousand drones were made in a week and were stored within the ship after the drones who'd operate the ship's posts were created first. They were designed to take much punishment, dish it back out with heavy energy lances, to take commands from any Drone of authority and Tsvìet, and to uphold the survival of any Tsvìet unit above their own well-being. 

Within a year, 52,000 drones were stored and awaiting combat. The time to go was now. To preserve food supplies, all Tsvìets had been barred from having anymore kids since the ship had first crashed; an order to be receded when the food supply problems were fixed. It ticked some off but pretty much made them more than blood thirsty to get this war over with.

With all Tsvìets of the planet onboard, SING gave the order and the ship slowly rose from its berthing yard. A large view port had been made along several decks, hidden by several layers of armor, and it gave the Tsvìets their first true look into space itself. The experience was indescribable for many. Seeing their own sun for the first time, watching it and the stars through a polarized view port became a favored past-time for the Tsvìets while the ship made a beeline towards the nearest planet that had BOolrk communication traffic coming from it.

The journey would take a month at full realspace speeds and SING and her war party 'officers' spent much time going over the strategy for this planetary siege. Nine years ago, all they knew about war was storming tunnels, but now they're in a hijacked spaceship. Many arguments were made and SING revealed the secrets of the new design of the ship after she spent time pointing out many flaws within the original design scheme that led to the ship getting shot down so easily.

Once the plan and several backup ones were agreed and explained upon, they set course for the signal of the rival hive mind. They would have to attack it head-on and take it out as quick as possible since they're expecting the BOolrk to outnumber them a thousand to one.

Over the month, the factories had been working nonstop to provide a set of armored pads and energy melee weapons for the Tsvìets. Seeing the effectiveness of their own bodies against the small arms of the BOolrk, time and resources were efficiently managed by making just armor units for body parts instead of whole suits. These comprised torso and chest plates, leg guards for the thighs, shins, and calves, a metal shell to go over the top of their tendrils, and a helmet resembling those of ancient Sparta without the plumes. For weapons, they were armed with energy lances that resembled a spear with the plasma tip curving down a portion of the shaft to give them a thrusting and slashing weapon.

When the day finally came with the other BOolrk hive mind's blooming colony in sight, along with its orbiting fleet of thirty ships, the combined army of 52,000 drones and 39,000 Tsvìets were prepped and ready.

Unlike with many stories of bravery and going against impossible odds, SING did not give a speech. Such a practice (cliche or not) was unfamiliar to her but she did understand the need to be motivated despite a clear-headed Tsvìet warrior being deadlier than a berserk one in the right circumstances. With her hive mind authority, she merely implanted the burning passion she has for giving her people a chance to prosper beyond their destitute, failing world into each and every heart aboard the ship. Due to the synthetic nature of HUKE, her A.I. counterpart was able to interpret it as well as pass the coded feeling along to the drones.

When the BOolrk tried to hail the Tsvìets on the comms, it failed as SING saw no reason to spare words with the invaders. 

It was with a THUMP sound that all knew the battle for their survival had begun as the first barrage of enemy laser fire splattered across the armored shell of the retrofitted flagship. The heavily fortified seven mile long ship weathered the fire of a dozen ships while the batteries dotting along its surface returned fire, splattering heavy lasers against the quickly falling energy shields of the defenders.

As one ship after another was destroyed or had to fall back and much of the shell of the flagship boiling away, SING waited until the right moment to spring her trap. The Tsvìet flagship was surrounded on five sides from the front to the top and bottom. A massive, single barrage from the twenty remaining ships slammed into the shell right when SING activated the charges on the support arms beneath the shell.

Heated to boiling red, the shell broke apart outwards as the explosive charges detonated at once. The enemy thought the ship was destroyed due to the bombardment causing eruptions throughout the ship but they were wrong. The supports were improvised rockets that launched off when they were separated from the ship. The BOolrk found themselves being shot at by giant pieces of molten metal and were quick to fire upon the improvised battering rams.

With their guns unfocused, SING began the next phase. When the shell had broken away, HUKE had locked onto the main guns of the ships that had drifted into knife fighting ranges. When the shell fragments were destroyed, the recharging ships found themselves facing a patched work BOolrk colony flagship with way too many laser batteries to be normal pointing at them. Having fired two large barrages so quickly, there was little power left in their shields and the incoming barrages from the hijacked flagship pelted them like a rain of lasers. 

Shields fell in seconds before lasers began impacting the laser batteries and bridges of the BOolrk ships with impunity. Since it didn't have any shields, HUKE was diverting all power into the guns and their coolant systems.

After non-stop firing for a full minute, the laser batteries of the flagship were almost melted in their mounts but not a single enemy ship was capable of fighting back. In one minute, ten ships had been utterly annihilated due to secondary explosions while the other ten were mostly weaponless and leaderless, thus listless as well.

Ten tubes of the available thirty on the flagship were launched at the ten crippled vessels. These tubes were like torpedoes without explosives yet their payloads were boarding war parties of forty each with sixty drones. With their weapon systems and bridge destroyed and blind, there was nothing the BOolrk ships could do to stop the tubes from slamming through their superstructures, sticking out like a needle from their bodies.

Concealed explosive charges around the doors detonated, blasting away debris and any BOolrk defenders before the Tsvìets and drones rushed from the hole, tanking laser fire and using their lances with skill quickly learned and taught during the month long trip.

SING was relieved at the success of such a daring plan but had to adjust her next plan. Onboard 'eyes' (cameras) that had been repaired showed that the spot the hive mind was mostly likely inhabiting was a growing city of metal buildings across twenty miles across and it was swarming with warriors, power suits, and other large units she could identify as some kind of heavy, mobile weapons platform (basically large tanks but neither the BOolrk or Tsvìets have such a word). 

Sing had faith in her warriors' skills but they'd be outnumbered a few hundred to one, and the enemy would have the home territory advantage. She had to think of an even crazier plan and luckily, HUKE's factories provided her one. There were seven hundred shuttles on board, each one capable of carrying about one-hundred Tsvìets and Drones. That's a capacity of 140,000, so there was room to spare for weapons and what-not. 

She loaded up all of her troops and HUKE's last command to the ship before 'she' boarded the shuttle with SING forced the ship to accelerate towards the center of the city, to land right on top of where that hive mind was sitting while all of the shuttles took off out of the ship and followed it from behind.

The different sorts of Anti-Aircraft artillery and lasers that fired up at the ship were insignificant as its flaming super body plowed into the city. The minerals, fuel, weapon batteries, and ship generators went critical the moment the hull began rapidly collapsing from the impact.

A massive wave of earth and metals exploded outwards as the ship detonated like a massive plasma torpedo. The impact itself had crushed the hive mind hiding in its palace completely along with a hundred city blocks equivalent. The shockwave would have flatten the entire city as well but the explosion merely added fuel to the fire as the shockwave destroyed the skyscrapers and defenses block by block like an unstoppable surge upon a beach of sand castles.

Having just reached lower orbit, SING and her people watched the explosion and following devastation with awe and excitement when looking over the beautiful, strange and exotic world that was covered in pastures and blue waters. Soon, their vision was clouded as the shuttles flew through the massive dust cloud that had risen up to meet them. Many were worried about the ships crashing but once the first layer was passed, the air within was like a less dusty version of their own home's atmosphere. It'd be several hours before the dust would settle.

In their hundreds, the shuttles landed about a mile outside the far reaching crater. As the warrior parties unloaded, they all couldn't help but stop and take a few moments to appreciate the devastation a crazy plan involving turning a seven mile circular ship filled with fuel and plasma batteries into an impromptu missile strike could cause.

With SING commanding presence, they went about securing the city and eliminating the near brain dead BOolrk in the city remnants while other shuttles ferried troops to the other settlements.

It'd be several weeks later when the last of the BOolrk on the planet and in orbit are confirmed slain. The amounted bodies would feed the Tsvìets good for many, many years. With the new planet taken over, SING used the drones to scour the ships to try and repair them. They were useful until she'd have them replaced with something more like the Tsvìets.

There were several factories on the planet as well and she and HUKE began putting them to use, creating parts for the ships and creating more drones for a labor force to help the Tsvìets build a new city, starting with an expansive catacomb of tunnels where the flagship crater was. Some habits just don't die.

When the first ships were repaired a few months later, she used them to monitor any activity in the solar system. Thankfully, this was the only hive mind in the system and there was no comm traffic at the two other planets they were detected at, meaning they were probably as brain dead as the ones on the first colony world had been; that, or they reverted to being feral.

Ships were sent out and as she suspected, the other colonies' populations were mindless. Their deaths meant more food for the Tsvìets as well as twenty fully functional ships and one colony flagship. One of the worlds was like the one they had invaded, full of farm sustaining climates and wildlife while the other had only a tiny colony due to the sheer density and variety of vegetation and climate respectively. It was also filled to the brim with creatures and 'insects' that the Tsvìets never imagined.

With BOolrk technology, they also detected an ice planet further out from everywhere else with several heat signatures deep underground. It'd be worth investigating much later. For the foreseeable future, she'd have her hands full with these three new planets filled with promises of a new chapter for her people.

It'd be a year later before the Tsvìets can confirm that the last of the BOolrk have been accounted for, either dead or lost in battle. Over five million bodies of the gelatinous beings were recovered along with working samples of all types of equipment, machinery, and military applicable resources such as weapons, power armors and aerial vehicles. While Blading the hive mind would have been much more preferable then the alternative, Blading enough of the 'spawns' would provide enough information but not much more different then what SING and HUKE already learned. 

With BOolrk factories on each colony re-purposed for Tsvìet needs, ships were in the process of being built and crewed by the Drones and some Drone 'war chiefs' that obeyed HUKE but led the other warriors, small cities were being dug out from mountains to the Tsvìets' preferences, and with new foods being 'grown' with 'agriculture', Tsvìets were allowed to mate again to expand numbers as these circumstances allowed for the need of it outside of the urges that had only been prevalent during mating season every decade.

The Tsvìets' rising prosperity would only continue to escalate for the next several thousand years as they learn to farm, to hunt the numerous and even more dangerous beasts on the 'hunt world'- further adopting more incredible abilities such as natural camouflaging, venom creation/secretion, redundant vital organs as they never had what humans would call as non-vital organs and digestive tracts, extreme flexibility, etc.- to slowly develop their homeworld into a planet slightly easier to live in as they felt a constant, distant 'calling' to never abandon it, and to experiment with all sorts of new ideas inspired by projects of the BOolrk, and use BOolrk technology to jump-start the actualization of the Tsvìets' own unique brand of military tactics and weaponry for conflicts in future expansion efforts.

With the rise in population yet the sheer ratio disparity between the number of males and females, Males have evolved to be capable of producing much sperm and SING has the scientist collect every month to store it for the next mating cycle. Science has yet to figure out a way to increase their number, though something that has occurred is that they've evolved to be larger and stronger than before, usually dwarfing the females by three heads.

Another phenomenon that occurred was a large scale mutation among the Tsvìets into three categories. Majority of them stayed the same but for around 5,000 of them, their skin turned a copper tan and their eyes and bulbs turned to a bright, glowing orange, separating themselves from the original tones and SING herself. They proved to be much more incredible in their physical and mental capabilities, the weakest 'PRM' (Prime) warrior being much more powerful than the strongest 'MNR' (Minor) warrior, not including genders. These 
several thousands happened to be descendants the warriors she forged from the first community that she had started her global conquest with. With their increased capabilities also came increased lifespan by a couple thousand years and the habit of birthing twins rather than singles.

It was discovered that the cause of this mutation was from the MNRs having had a head-start in Blading. It seemed that once you Bladed a certain amount within a generation, you'd evolve. The 'points' were even inheritable though PRMs wouldn't give birth to PRMs and the requirement for those children to evolve were even tougher than the MNRs who'd not been born from a PRM.

Rather than create jealousy and anger with their weaker counter-parts, it merely reasserted the drive to evolve and improve as in the end, even the PRMs and MNRs still wanted to be like their Queen who had only grown smarter and stronger over the millennia.

Alongside their biological siblings, the A.I.s, renamed C.T.s (Cold-borne Tsvìets as their are considered part of the people but not born from a warm womb) become the equivalent of PRMs and number in the thousands while their un-evolved subordinates (equivalent to basic Virtual Intelligence) grow into the hundreds of millions, constantly in a concerted effort to turn a dead world into a fortress planet, starting from making caverns and support structure miles underground and slowly working their way up. They intend to make it a home comfortable for them where repairs are never far away. 

SING expressed concerns over any insecurities they might have but HUKE presented none and instead felt the need to have a planet dedicated to raising a constantly alert and readied army and fleet in case any more invasive species arrive and make conflict with either of them.

Speaking of invasive species, SING by now has felt the desire to explore portions of the star systems surrounding them and wants to build a grand fleet to carry the explorers and warriors. HUKE gives plans to increase drone labor production and logistical ships in preparation to build a massive shipyard that would work much like the conveyor belt systems the drone factories use. It'd be massively more complicated but with HUKE's advanced intelligence and the precise nature of the machines' work ethics, it should be possible in several hundred years so SING gives her encouragement.
Date: 12,024 AQA (After Queen's Arrival), 3,928,343 BCT (Before Current Time)
(End ch.2)
Tsvìets' population: 135,122 females-35 males
Reproduction cycle: 5 years after every 100 years
Average lifespan: MNR female- 1,130 years; MNR male-1,700 years; PRM female- 3,020 years; PRM male- 3,800 years; GRN RYL (Grand Royal) female- Undetermined

Logistical ships: Supply-50, Construction-500
Combat: (Lengths range from 2-8 miles, not FTL capable)-2,032
C.T.s: 8,203 (+50 yearly); V.I.s: 23,083,929 Combat (+500,000 yearly), 321,399,292 Labor (+1,000,000 yearly)

Cradle of Life - homeworld
Description/Resources: Minerals, metals, crystals, birthing/nursing caverns

Path of Knowledge - First planet conquered after killing hive mind of BOolrk
Description/Resources: Metals, medical, military and scientific research facilities and schools. Weapons, scientific breakthroughs, medicinal formulas

Path of Nursery - Second planet colonized
Description/Resources: Abundant farmlands and fisheries, vacation homes, fresh water (luxury as its not vital but damn good)

Path of Beasts - Third planet colonized
Description/Resources: dozens of different climates and bio spheres ranging from jungles to floating forest islands due to gravitational anomalies. Rich is natural resources from fossil fuels, fruits and plentiful variety of creatures to hunt=variety of traits to Blade.

Path of War - Fourth planet
Description/Resources: Dead world with few facilities on top as the Drones are transforming it from the bottom of the surface layer up into a bunker fortress world to raise and train armies. Armies, ships, vehicles
  • Listening to: Simon Stevens- 'The Road to War'
This will be the start of a series that will detail my universe that expands over many kinds of species, technologies, and events. To start this series off, I will begin with the most prevalent species and the main focus of my story. 

Next, I wish I could upload music that would play automatically on this when you open it. I highly suggest looking up the song 'The Road to War' by Simon Stevens on If you want to listen to it without the annoying repeating voice, you'd have to buy a license for it or I'd have to upload a video on youtube with it since it's not on youtube.

Species: Tsvìets (silent 'T', 'ssssvvv', 'etis')
Governmental System: Monarchy; Artificial Hive Mind with 1 Grand Royal and 13 Royals, Queen and Princesses (with 1 Prince) respectively.

Territory: Militarily and socially dominant without equal in 38 galaxies within their 73 galaxies-large cluster group, while only militarily dominant (unknowing to the rest) in another 12 galaxies.

Tsvìets' Rise from Ash (Ch.1)

Origins: The truth of the Tsvìets' origins is shrouded in confidentiality and mystery, some stories becoming myths and others commonly accepted legends. It's only known to the 'First Tsvìet' and 'Immortal Queen' of the Tsvìet people, SING (pro. 'SHH-ING').

note: Tsvìet words are usually translated into all caps, but their actual language structure is a mixture of verbal, telepathic, and chemical variables. It's utterly impossible for a human to naturally be able to reproduce the sounds as just 'correctly' imitating the sound alone would have muscles in their throats ripped apart from the forced effort after just a few words.

The Tsvìet species evolved in some of the most difficult conditions. For untold thousands of years, they dwelled deep beneath the surface of their inhospitable planet covered in chemical oceans, gaseous atmospheres, and unstable tectonic activities. Normally loners by nature, it'd be common for a Tsvìet to not meet another for years. 
Through evolution, they developed bio luminescent features in the form of glowing eyes and prehensile tendrils along their backs with a glowing bulbous object on the end. That, and the natural components of chemical trailing similar to ants helped them navigate the thousands of miles of natural and artificial tunnels.

Life was not easy here. Food was scarce, forcing them to evolve to be less energy consuming while developing digestive systems that could quite literally absorb energy from damn near anything except iron and other metals.

In rare instances, tiny communities would gather around heat sources, such as magma pits and heat vents. Through thousands of years, these communities would develop incredibly durable body features such as sub-dermal armor plates resistant to heat, pressure and radiation.
Note: Traits that exist even until now. Tsvìets can practically swim for several minutes through lava, the act alone showing their extreme durability and superhuman strength due to the difference b/w lava and water. Also, radiation from direct exposure to nuclear explosions and the sun out in space have little to negligible effect on them.

Cave ins were a constant danger in their daily life, as well as spontaneous volcanic eruptions, infighting for the extremely few and very rare males every hundred years, and lack of food materials. 

Truly, this was a tough species destined for an eternity of hardship or eventual extinction.

None know exactly when she appeared, or from where, but the current Queen, a pure white luminescent being in their image with magenta eyes and features, came forth from the hottest tunnels which were avoided as these were deep within the mantle of the planet where cave ins were as common as the darkness of the tunnels above.

With her arrival, she brought sapience. Unknown to the Tsvìets, they never displayed greater intelligence due to an inherent genetic anomaly that targeted their brains and memories. Unknown to them until much later, the cause of this was that their bodies didn't break what they ate down into chemicals but energy particles itself and as the food was extremely scarce and one would go months or years without eating, their own body was converting their brain power and memories into energy to keep them alive in the hellish conditions of their lives. 

The consumption of a Tsvìet killed for mating rights or any other reason was so rare that many did not notice anything different from eating minerals.

The Queen had taught them a way to not only greatly replenish their internal energy core but to reverse the brain and memory damage as well.
This process became known as BLD, or 'Blading'. 

Of course, the Queen knew this had to be spread to the people slowly else they would devour each other and she would no longer have a species. She quickly took over communities of thousands within a decade, displaying strength, speed, and intelligence that was unheard of for the people. 
She became a leader, a shepherd to a lost flock, the wind filling the sails of a listless ship. Everyone wanted to become like her and with her teachings, they developed systems and rules to protect their young and feed the strong. 
Note: The Tsvìets do not share the same idea of 'death' as humans and most species. As long as their memories live on, they are considered alive. Blading is a sacred aspect of their society as it passes down to the receiver everything that the giver was and is in life, from inherited traits to memories.

It was still a brutal few millennia for the Tsvìets. Selective breeding regulations were enforced and the old or dying were taught to willingly give their bodies and energy up to be Bladed by their children. This ensured that the parent mother would do everything in her power in life to make sure her child, the future of their people, her legacy, would live on, becoming stronger then she had ever been.
Note: At this moment, a Tsvìet woman's lifespan is about 38 human standard years, almost half of that being the raising and caring of her child(ren). By the end of this entry, their lifespan will average around 700 human standard years.

The males were stronger and longer lived and would usually have a few thousand children in their time before passing on. Whichever females Bladed their bodies and energy would have a son the next time they had a child, a system of nature preserving the people. 

These Males were powerful figures and were cherished above all but the Queen as the species' survival depended on the couple dozen that existed among the tens of thousands of females. SING placed a heavy emphasis on making them powerful and protected, and the children fed and protected.
Many ignorant beings would think the common woman was a second rate citizen or something but such concepts can not exist in a society striving to just survive. The woman was the most numerous and versatile and as horrific as it might sound, expendable as well.

Over the next thousands of years of this harsh cycle of existence, intelligence had been created and expanded upon. The Tsvìets had long been crippled by their brain leeching bodies but as Blading helped reverse the damage, the attention to details their short-term memory selves had developed for so long proved to come in handy now that they had higher processing power. A 'photographic memory' trait was within everyone and inheritable to children as well. With SING's aid, they had begun thinking outside of surviving the day.

Artists had inadvertently come about and from the desire to apply their art to larger stages for the benefit of the people, architecture was born and from that, the need for physics and mathematics and geological sciences. The errors were plentiful but with their brain power jaded by eons of 'learn or die', they were quick to understand what worked and what could make it work better and faster.

Their caves became supported with structures to prevent cave ins, artificial vents were made to relieve pockets of pressure to prevent incidents, etc. It was small but it was noticeable.

Finally, a day came when SING broke through the rock to the surface. In the millennia past, the planet had stabilized a little bit more though it was still inhospitable to almost any species out there. Humans wouldn't live a minute on it.
The sky was a strange purple as the light from the blue sun their planet orbited tried to pierce through the red clouds of ash and gas.
It was a color none had ever seen before.
Upon breaking to the surface, it would be years before the Tsvìets could create any sort of uniformity. The only food was plentiful but very dangerous to catch as it'd evolved on the horrid surface and was just as accustomed to fighting everyday for its life as the Tsvìets were. They were great, armored beasts atleast five meters tall and five times longer, like an armored bull from hell with the head of a crocodile and a tail to match, and could spew a gaseous cloud from their mouths and pores over their body which would ignite with a spark.

Upon first hunting it, a dozen Tsvìets were killed, forcing SING to take it on by herself. Upon proving that her strength was greater, she took her time with the beast, attacking its body in numerous places for her people to learn the best ways to kill it. After it was slain, and with proper rationing, it fed a thousand Tsvìets. All was eaten, from the flesh to the bones.

SING wanted this as it provided another benefit. Blading didn't just absorb the energy in a more efficient manner to reverse the drain on their brain power but assimilated specific genetic traits from the food. This has to be a conscious effort on their part. Of the thousand, many focused on what part of the beast they wanted and within days, many experience rapid bone hardening and growth with spikes protruding from some parts of their bodies that could spew forth the same flammable gases.

Other chose the beast's quick regeneration as when they fought it, the beast could heal from a stab to the eye in minutes and had even regrew a foot in just as much a time. The regeneration was great for the hunters but it consumed energy at a quicker rate.

Many also further developed their eye sight, greatly enhancing their sight from the near blindness they had from eons in the dark. Where once they could 'see' using their other senses or with their eyes in very low light, now they could view the world around them with greater clarity and range. It was with this new vision that they had beheld themselves and their Queen in something Humans could comprehend.

They were all somewhat Humanoid females, skin tough looking like marble and a pale grey. All were very lean yet muscled in ways abnormal to many humanoids, and they had sub-dermal armored plates pressed outwards from within their skin. Some had bone protrusions from their limbs in the form of knuckle spikes or elbow and knee spikes while others had a short protruding collar around their neck that looked strong enough to tank an explosion. All of them had long, black hair dirtied and messy from never washing it. Each strand looked as thick as metal wires. Upon their backs were on average, a dozen tendrils poking outwards with the shortest on bottom and longest on top. Some of their tendril bulbs glowed blue while others were red or green.....not that they even had a name for these colors except red. Their humanoids appearances came from the two legs and two arms, each covered in sub-dermal armor with powerful corded muscles underneath. Their chests looked armored as well, hosting a pair of mammaries that weren't large as none of the hunting parties were nursing mothers.

The males were a bit different as their skeletal growth was more severe. Spikes to be used offensively and defensively grew along their limbs while the sub-dermal plates along their torso and chest and back grew out from the skin into a second set of ribs, chest cavity, etc. and was soon filled in by more muscle mass with a thin layer of skin covering the bones.They grew much more stronger to the point only the Queen could overpower one.

Their Queen was a different story. Her skin and hair were the purest white, like she was absent of color, and her eyes and tendril bulbs were like a mixture of the red and white colors. She looked...healthier, fuller, and all-around more grander than them. She was at the least two heads taller as well, even almost as tall as the males.
Note: At this point, Tsvìet females are about six feet tall, males are seven, and SING is six feet, seven inches. As for weight, on average, they are about 900 lbs, 1800 lbs, and 2300 lbs respectively.

With their new attributes and knowledge, SING built them into a more formidable community and led them through a systematic take-over of the whole world. Across the seas on rock and metal boats, through the air on hides that caught the uplifting hot gases, and through the tunnels of other communities, she led them into subjugating their underdeveloped neighbors, killing and Blading all who defied her, adopting the ones who bowed, who were children, or were males who SING overpowered. The great beasts from before whom SING named 'REXORS', were hunted to almost extinction. To prevent this, SING taught her people the idea of breeding them for food, so the last REXORS were quarantined into a set of valleys to live without fear of being hunted until their numbers grew too much and had to be culled. 

The campaign to unify the Tsvìets took a few thousand years at which time, many properties had been discovered such as basic technology based on steam, gas, and geothermal energy. The inventions were simple in their nature and designs, though usually over-robust. It's similar to the industrial age of Humanity but with things made from rocks, ores, and metals that, many times, had to be forged in the lava pits and molded into shape with a Tsvìet's bare hands.

With their memory problems all but gone, the Tsvìets had noticed another thing about Blading, that being the assimilation of memories. It became a fond past time for mothers to remove one of their fingers to feed to their children at a young age to speed along their brain growth and understanding of modern Tsvìet concepts such as love, survival, family, and loyalty. The future generations grew smarter faster from this method and the quick maturity saw a rise in population. 

SING knew this would present a problem for food unless she wishes for her people to devour themselves.

Her answer came in the form of a massive metal rock several miles long and wide falling from the sky. What the Tsvìets didn't comprehend was that this 'rock' was actually a massive spaceship damaged in a battle above their planet.

What made their situation even more dire was that this ship had crashed among the valleys where they kept the REXORS. Scouts would come in from posts later in the day's cycle of how the REXORS were crushed to a number of a few dozen, a tremendous blow on the Tsvìets' food supply that was already strained.

What else, the scouts had brought with them a few strange beings that had 'ventured out from the many tunnels within the rock.'
As SING Bladed them, knowledge utterly alien to her became hers to use. The aliens' name- 'BOolrk' (pro. 'Boa'-'oo'-'lur'-'kish'), anatomy, languages, dialects, weapons, ships, homeworld and colony worlds, allies and enemies, and even this alien's own personal life.

It had little to none. This amorphous blob vaguely resembling an octopus to a human, differing with a mouth on the outer portion of its head, was part of a Hive Mind. The information took an hour to disseminate and with it, she had her scouts gather anymore bodies they could find. For the next few days, per her instructions to avoid the possibly active weapons of the ship, around a hundred more octopus blobs were found without going into the ship to look for them.

The bodies were spread out among a few thousand and with the acquired knowledge of this species' engineers and warriors, the Tsvìets created a small Hive between those that ate of the aliens and they made their Queen the center of the link. 

SING spent the next week training with the warriors and their new attributes until they were as unified like it was their nature.
The Queen had a grand vision while she had gone over the alien memories. There were an innumerable number of stars and planets out there, hiding away from them behind their world's toxic clouds. The Queen wanted her people to spread among those distant worlds, to be freed from the slow extinction they were heading towards.

With her vision understood and spread to her people, she created a war party and stormed the crashed ship. Point defense laser turrets opened up on them and many were struck down in seconds, it taking a few hits for a Tsvìet to explode. To the Tsvìets' terror, the Queen was struck down but unlike the body exploding like with what happened to the others, she was barely harmed. 

She continued the charge on her own, avoiding several laser bolts and practically slapping away the ones that did hit her; any burn marks healing in moments. She'd jumped dozens of meters upon the first turret and ripped the cannons right from their mounts. Due to how close she was, the other turrets were incapable of training on her and she jumped and climbed to a dozen turrets within the next three minutes, ripping apart each one with cold, determined malice.

The way opened, the rest of the war party charged into the dark depths of the ship. The amorphous blobs hoped to use the dark corridors that they knew to their advantage but the Tsvìets were unrivaled in fighting and moving in the dark and had the reaction speed born from dodging spontaneous gas explosions and cave ins to help them avoid and move around static defenses. Even the few power suits the aliens had for frontline fighting were torn limb from limb by the unnatural, superhuman strength of the Tsvìets. 
Note: At this point, Tsvìet females can overhead press ten tons thirty times, Males can do fifty tons, and SING 70 tons, both thirty times.

It didn't help that unlike their much larger point-defense counterparts, the handheld laser rifles of the BOolrk were much less effective against the naturally toughened plates under the Tsvìets' skin, dispersing the heat of the bolts better than the aliens' own armor systems did.

It took many days to clear the ship as the Tsvìets hunted the aliens day and night, the knowledge of the ship's interior layout, troop makeup, weapon varieties, onboard automated defenses, terminal and bulkhead codes, etc. becoming more and more exploited the more the war party Bladed their kills. To aid them, the Tsvìets used their knowledge of the ship to disable any generators and onboard weapon systems, as well as jettisoning numerous parts to allow the horrible planet's atmosphere to circulate throughout the ship.

By the end of the week, SING herself had personally slew the hive mind of the BOolrk in what several called 'a flashy and booming battle' and Bladed it. This hive mind was one of many within the divided species. This ship had been the aliens' flagship of this colony fleet sent to start a new hive as there were three planets in system capable of supporting agriculture and BOolrk civilization. This ship was the last of the fleet and as the biggest, it was equipped with onboard mineral conversion plants and a factory for reproducing parts for the flagship's maintenance, as well as weapons and fuel.

The flagship was hit by a barrage from a rival hive mind's fleet in a surprise attack, critically wounding the ship and sending it free-falling towards a planet no BOolrk would ever try colonizing or mining- the Tsvìets' homeworld.
The BOolrk had no idea of any life living on this planet. They would justly believe that their rivals crashing on this planet would meet their doom. They had no idea the Tsvìets existed, nor that they could learn everything about them from eating the corpses of the BOolrk.

Having knowledge of the alien's scientific concepts and their military capabilities, as well as a schedule for their colonizing speeds, and seeing as she has recently come into ownership of a large ship capable of producing parts to repair a fleet-much more, make one, SING decided that she wasn't going to let that rival hive mind have her star system's precious planets.

All she needed was time and patience. She had plenty of both.
Ra-class Defense Tower AAA turret sketch
Better sketch of a Anti-Ship turret, one of three within a single turret bay. This turret is scaled to size if you'd notice the six foot tall stickman standing on it. These turrets are big enough to carry bigger guns, but the designer went with still fairly large guns but much more protection. Each turret is built tonka tough and can take lots of punishment before being put offline less one gets a fairly lucky hit.
Fire rate: 3 shells in ten seconds with a thirty second reload.
Firepower: 800mm cannon with various ammunition choices from regular AP and HE shells to miniature nukes.
Ra-class Defense Tower AAA bay design sketch
A sketch of a single AAA turret bay where the outlines for three anti-ship turrets are. There are 14 bays on each of the top seven rows of each AAA tower.
Ra-class Defense Tower AAA design sketch
The AAA towers, one of four, of the Bee-Hive Defense Tower concept. The top seven rows have 14 bays each where there are three massive anti-aircraft/anti-ship turrets in every bay. These guns will have their own sketch. 
The bottom two rows have 14 bays each, each bay containing a staggered tower platform lined with 19 Anti-Ship/Anti-Missile/Anti-Aircraft AAA Phalanx gatling cannons. 

Each tower is a little over 1,000 ft tall and several hundred wide.

Haven't gotten to 'ic' yet.


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